let others pay for your heating and hot water

use cryptocurrency miners to pay less for your bills at home and business


significant noise reduction for your miners


5 times higher investment profitability

smart and sustainable

stop energy wasting by reusing the power

Heat Miner system:

  • a unique solution to recover heat from any electronic devices

  • increases profitability of cryptocurrency mining by effective reusage of heat generated while mining

  • reduces noise from the level of a rock concert to a silent mode

  • greatly extends lifetime of miners by protecting from dirt, overheating and mechanical damage

  • evenly retrieve the heat form electronic devices

  • allows to overclock devices safely

Nowdays, Antminer S9 is the most known BITCOIN miner. It uses 1500 Watts of electric energy, at least 800 Watts can be reused again – watch the video and learn more.


choose the product and power you want

Antminer Double Tank

Recover heat from your ANTMINER

HeatMiner Full Kit

All in one. The most advance kit available.

Control Unit

Control Your tanks

GPU Tank

Recover heat from your GPUs


Heat Miner system can be used wherever heat is needed. Choose the number of modules You want (1000 Watt each) and enjoy the energy almost for free.
Dry cleaners

Dry cleaners

Greenhouses & plants drying

Greenhouses & plants drying

Kiln drying

Kiln drying



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